Update 07.06.2018: 

More details in the dungeon and scorpion enemies.

More quests.

This is my first prototype of a new project I am working on for one week.

You control a travelling desert merchant on his way to discover ancient ruins and dungeons.

On his journey he will meet other merchants to trade recourses and ancient treasures, while at the same time he will need to defend himself from the dangers in the desert and the Roman attackers.

The game takes place in the ancient Libya  between the 3 cities of Tripolis (Sabratha, Oea and Leptis Magna), captured by the Roman empire.

Tell me what you think of this first version!


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interesing game but is really short i end this game in 13 minutes plz add new maps etc.

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Thanks for playing! The development is currently frozen, because I'm mostly working on my primary game right now.

I plan to work on this game more though, want to release it some day!