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Last Update: January 13th, 2020

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Player 1

  • Move - WASD
  • Attack - J key / left mouse in singleplayer
  • Skill - K key/ right mouse in singleplayer
  • Ultimate - L key/ shift /mouse wheel in singleplayer

Player 2

  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Attack - Num 4 key
  • Skill - Num 5 key
  • Ultimate - Num 6 key

-> Player 2 has also mouse control in Splitscreen

With "Num" is meant the number block on the right site of your keyboard!

Game basics:

2D MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Choose one out of many different champions and dive in, to defeat friends or strangers!


Destroy the first turret to get access to the enemy base. Then push 5 minions into the enemy nexus to win the game!


  • Stick Up/Up - Jump
  • L2/R2 - Attack left/right
  • B - Attack facing direction
  • X - Skill 1
  • Y - Skill 2
  • R1/R2 - Recall to base
  • G-Pad 1.Left/2.Up/3.Right - buy upgrades 1.Damage/2.Speed/3.Regeneration


Developer - KingDanius

Musik tracks - Eric Matyas ( )

Sound effects -

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tags1vs1, arena, dota, duel, league-of-legends, Local multiplayer, moba, online, Split Screen
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, Textless
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Server-based networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
LinksDiscord, YouTube


Download 521 MB

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how to hide the chat in game?


League of Pixels 2 (Official release)


good para cuando una vercion para celular


make an axolotl character


i need it please

good game and i play every time

add more hero or character


Very good game :]


Thank you!


I think this game is very awesome, I downloaded it on steam to my windows computer and still enjoy playing in a web browser on my mac, will you be adding mac support on steam in the near future, I really want to cover this on my youtube channel if mac support is added! 

Solid Game 10/10 am looking forward to future updates right now I main KumihuPuppeteer, and Veil

Hey, thanks!
Mac support isnt currently planned, cause it's a bit tricky to do, especially without having a mac.


No problem I was able to use apple bootcamp to run windows and am now able to play it, I'm loving i


This game is quite interesting. It could use some more champs and bots that dont walk into your turret, too xD

Android browser interface isn't interactable. And last time it was able to go in game, the buttons were too big and were unable to be clicked.

dont work dude

What exactly does not work?

Try turning on javascript

I wanna see this on my android device so I can play it when im travelling...we all know we cant bring our pcs on the road or else hahaha...Please have a mobile port ;-;

You can visit this website on your mobile device, but it wasn't updated for long time, it works but not as good as it should. Danius is going to fix it soon. :P

how can I download it since I am using my android dev rn. 0w0

It's not possible to download it for mobile currently!

(1 edit)

I tried out in PC, and it is really good! The previous broken champions (post-rework sparrow and such) are now quite balanced, good work! But other mobile version just seems to not work anymore, clicking anywhere doesn't give you any reaction at all, is this intended? So the mobile version is no longer supported? Anyways keep going on! P.s. item hotkeys are needed. (And maybe buff Veil? :) )

i want a version:(

(1 edit)

What exactly do you mean? You can play it here in already! 

I think he meant a downloadable Version. I would definitely appreciate that as well!

um... i cant play this game ;-;

Why, did you try the Steam version?

Cool game! However, achievements for the Steam version of the game will not hurt :)

Thank you! 

Check out the new update, I added winrate tracking and a leaderboard! :) 

(only working for steam) 

Hey I deleted my discord so Ill post it here...

The Frosted Plate says that if you are hit, the attacker will be slowed down by 20 Speed for 1 sec...but its actually not, the item is not coded the way its supposed to do...The effect it has right now is when you hit the enemy, the enemy gets slowed by 20 in 1 sec. I discovered this when I was trying out Light Slayer on Flin, and Sparrow had the Frosted Plate item, and I noticed that Flin didn't get slowed after hitting Sparrow, instead, when I controlled Sparrow to hit Flin, Flin's speed got reduced by 20...

I hope that this will be fixed in the next update..I'll comeback to discord during Fridays/Saturdays because of full storage...


How I can play online or local

If you play on mobile, it's not possible. On your pc you should be able to press on "Online".

"its not possible" what you mean is that its really not possible to play online on android, EVER!?

thank you cause me and my brother (more me) rly like this game

How can I buy items in local in the same time?

It's currently not possible, items are only buyable with the mouse. I'll add keyboard shortcuts a bit later.

Pls nerf the new guy that i forgot his name should be nerf cuz i played this game for i think 9-10 months and i wanted to try fighting him with my favorite character but pls nerf the new guy.
BTW game is da best

Deleted 2 years ago

You can also join the game's Discord Server to communicate with others, I think you'll get more attention there! :)

the controls of the mobile versions are super buggy right now in the new update. ;-;

Yes I know, the chat is in the way and you somehow can't minimize it. Will fix it soon!

Deleted 2 years ago

That's an intended unintended preview of the Veil Skin I just released on Steam. ^^

Deleted 2 years ago

Yes, that is planned soon. I want. There is a wiki now that I linked in the description. 

It is being made by players!

Hello KingDanius. I like your game i downloaded it before 10 days and now is update but i cant find download link :( 

Can you please help me? Ty for help love u :D

The download version is currently not available. I will update the game today or tomorrow and will add the download version again! 

okay bro! Ty for help "D

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you, I'll take a look at it! 

Please come back with the doom bots!


They will be soon added after Danius releases game on Steam

Going to follow with or a bit after the Steam release. I am currently working on a new item system and lv up

(1 edit)

I hope the online button works on mobile 

I like the new updates, and that Hero Kira does not have a gameplay of yours and a Patch note of her...

Where can I find the apk of this?? i cant find it in the download section

She is actually in the new trailer I released. I am releasing the game on steam first and want to make a mobile version after that. 

Are you on the Discord server? I posted the notes for Kira there, too!

It would be so fun online 2v2!! btw i like the game


Thank you! 

I'm currently focusing on making the online mode work as it is, maybe 2vs2 will follow when I release the game on steam!

How do you play online multiplayer? Which button to press? Your update is amazing, keep it up XD!


Just click on "Online" and you create or join a room!

It does not work on mobile. Android in my case. ;-; I can't read the abilities in the champion select as it doesn't show up after clicking.


Ah yes, the mobile version is super buggy. I didn't update it for a long time, might need to look at it again soon.


Love the new update! Ceiling feels a bit low, though.

I added an Online Mode for the download version, try it out! (might need someone to play with, because there won't be any players. It's also super buggy still.)

I don't need sleep I need answer.

The random champs are because they need to be in the scene at least once. Probably is too near to the play field. ^^

Glitching over walls ist a problem with a few champions, when they dash. Especially over smaller walls like the top. 

Oh and the turret laser destroys itself too late somehow... I had this bug quite a while already but always had more important things to fix, so I always forgot about it. Sorry for the few updates, I am taking a small break. When my motivation for the game is back up, I'll want to update it again! 

Hey, I updated the game! If you want to read more about it, you can join my Discord where I post my news!

so, great game! I actually have a tournament every friday for the family business I work at, GTG Gaming Cafe! I have a few requests though. 1 - Can you make a control scheme so we can change controls? 2 - Can you make a new yin-yang character? 3 - Can you make an online mode somehow? 4 - I LOVE THIS SO MUCH thanks

Hey, thanks for playing! Control scheme probably won't come, but I did consider trying it. 

Online is not possible anymore. It's really complicated, adding an online to an existing game. Especially with the engine I'm working with.

New characters will come if I manage to finish the test. I took a small pause from the game and want to focus on existing things. 

okay, Thanks! I appreciate the reply!

Hey there, I'm Tiago, also Lola, I'm interested in create a real browser multiplayer game base on lol, could you help or give some ideas?

if you could just post the codes, can help everyone to create their own version

game như loz djt con mẹ

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