Devlog 1 - browser version, archer rework...

Overall changes:

  • Better pre-game screen background.
  • Separated map and pre-game screen in different layouts. (not noticeable ingame though)



Skill 2:

  • Missing health damage lowered (20% => 15%)


  • Basic attack range lowered
  • ability reworks!

Skill 1:

  • damage lowered. Now deals double damage against the enemy if he is slowed by your arrow-volley.

Skill 2 reworked:

  • Now shoots out 3 arrows in front of you. They deal damage and slow the enemy on collision.

 (The old arrow-rain was too random and too unreliable/clunky


  • Basic attacks slow is higher now

Skill 1: 

  • Slow and stun nerfed. Damage of each shard increased but bonus damage on hitting all 3 shards nerfed.

Skill 2: 

  • Slow and the acceleration/deceleration debuffs last longer. (0.5 sec => 0.75 sec). Damage, Slow and Speedboost lowered.


Skill 1: 

  • Sound decreased, so you will not be deaf anymore while playing him with a headset. 
  • Way out damage decreased, back damage increased (total damage is the same). 
  • Slow increased.

Skill 2: 

  • Stun 1 sec => 0.5 sec. 
  • Damage increased.


Skill 1: 

  • Stun duration increased (1 sec => 1.25 sec)


Skill 1:

  •  Bomb will now attach to the enemy on hit. Slow of first hit increased.

Skill 2: 

  • Snare duration decreased. (2 sec => 1.25 sec)

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Jun 19, 2017

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Nice update. Glad to see I'Ceat nerfed a bit. XD

Yes, I think he might still be a bit OP because of the no-range-cap basic attacks.

I will work a bit on that, maybe it will give him some other things to improve then ^^